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I used to believe that the United States of America was controlled by moral people who ran our Federal Government system, but for the past 20 years corruption has spread ruthlessly throughout our institutions, both Federal and private. We see the Whitehouse flagrantly buying Health Care Bill votes with Federal special interest offerings. When confronted on the matter, they respond "oh, that is just how we do political business". So in other words, they publically announce that the buying of votes is OK for Congress. If they are so quick to sell votes for a Whitehouse cause out in public, then what are they selling to the highest lobbyist supporters behind closed doors?

I think it is very clear what they are selling behind closed doors. They are selling our natural resources and they are trying to cripple our Constitutional Rights. Look around yourself! The Patriot Act (both one and two) has provided the President with unrestricted powers to act as a dictator. And then the President signs additional Executive Orders bestowing even more power to himself with even less oversight by the Congress. Our Senate and House of Representatives don't seem to care that the balance of powers of our Government are systematically being destroyed.

As if this weren't enough, we have second major player at work, and that is our Federal Reserve, which is basically a privately owned National Bank that hides under the image as a Federal institution. They are robbing from Americans right now just like the World Banks have been robbing from foreign Nations for the past decades. They do this with the Stock Market and the large corporate banks. They have been systematically forcing our Nation into a debt crisis that we can not survive.

Then we also have Corporate America. When Corporations were first granted in our Country, they had to renew their license each year by proving their good for the Nation. Today their licenses last forever, and they do anything to make a profit. This was OK when the corporate management was moral. They used to always consider their workforce as a valuable asset to be protected. But in the past few decades, they no longer care about their workers, nor do they care about their Country. If you think back over recent history, hostile corporate take overs were all the rage. They would buy out a company, sell off it's assets and loot the employee's retirement plans. Then after some time, another Corporation would buy the assets and restart the business using cheaper employees (which have no retirement liabilities).

Now that they have exhausted that scam, Corporations are now going to privatization when they can make a profit from public assets that are given to them by corrupt government officials. Examples are toll roads, toll bridges, and public buildings. These privatizations are always sold under the guise that the local government just can't afford to operate these entities.

The latest Corporate take over has to do with our natural resources. They have already gained control over the World's oil, farm crops, and minerals. Now they have set their sights on the World's water resources. That's right, buy up as many water rights as possible because the Corporate pollution to our water supplies will destroy most water system used today and somewhere down the road they can sell good water back to us for a profit. This has started in foreign nations already, and they are now eying our Great Lakes. They want to ship our natural water resource to other parts of the world for a profit.

All I can say is that evil still flourishes when good men do nothing. Remaining a passive American to these problems helps to promote these problems. Get interested in what your Government and Corporations are doing to our planet, and discover what the consequences will be for your Grand Children. Find out about water rights, find out about patented crop seeds, find out about the Corporate influence in your Government. Find out why American military troops are being used to control American Citizens.

If you are not from USA, your Country has the same issues taking place for the same greed and profit motivations.


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