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Recipe for 20-oz Juice

I do this 1 or 2 times each day, and I eat a normal meal each day. By drinking as soon as juiced, your juice does not loose those enzymes that are so important for healing and disease prevention. (##) = relative Nutrient Density.

Beware when using beets. Beets are a good liver detox and to much beet can cause potential liver issues. I only add 1/4 beet once per week.

2 Kale stalks (romane subst)(1000)*
1 Bok Choy stalk (839) (possible allergen       to some people)
12 Cilantro leaves (possible allergen to      some people)
10 small spinich leaves (886) (possible     allergen to some people)
2 celery stalks*
2 carrot sticks (288)*
2 ea 1-3/4 Roma tomato (197)*
1/2" Ginger root
2 radishes (stalks optional)
1/2 large cucumber (59)*
1/4 peeled lemon (protects the juicer)
1/2 large green apple (sliced into      eighths)(91)
1/16" slice of small jalapeno
1/4 of small yellow pepper
1/4 of small red pepper
1/4 of small orange pepper

Juice the cucumber last to wash out the other juices. Items with asteric are not optional and are required for best and fastest results. If you only use the required items, then increase quantities by 50% to achieve 20-ounces.




Last update: 12/22/2011

Video correction: The link above "Gerson" has a grammatical error when the lady states that the body's blood pH remains acidic. The body regulates the body's blood pH to 7.346 something and the body must leach the required neutralizing base from the bones to restore this pH; and this is why poor diet has serious negative consequences. Eating alkalyzing foods reduces this extra burden upon the body and helps to prevent bone degeneration. Eating alkalyzing foods also reduces the acidic nature of the water in the lymphatic system which bathes the cells and collects 10% of the cell's fluid loss.

Hungry Between Juices?
Size Does Matter
Almond milk and carrageenan?
Mean Green Juice Drink
My results that keep me motivated (age-66):
Juice Fast Detox Regimine

Hungry Between Juices?

Fats keep the hunger away and also slows you down and makes you sleepy. Eat fats in the evening for better sleep. If you feel hungry eat one serving, 15 whole almonds (160-calories) and drink a glass of water. You can also eat fruits as snacks and energy boosters. Most fruits are high in natural sugars which are essential to fuel the body cells for proper energy levels. Almonds provide 80% of their calories in fat and the water fills your stomach. These nut fats are the good fats for your body, they also keep feelings of hunger in check and make juicing much easier. The fat content is why most people like bad foods and whole almonds. We do need fat in our diet so consume your favorite nuts while juicing and eat some fruit for a pick me up.

Size Does Matter

I have found that the quantity of juice consumed determines your hunger status. If I drink less than 40-oz/day then I start feeling hungry and start having cravings. If I drink 50-oz/day or more, then the hunger and cravings tend to go away. Do yourself a favor, don't under juice.

Almond milk and carrageenan?

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze contains carrageenan where as Silk Pure Almond does not. Silk Pure Almond containsGum products for their thickener. Now that you know, you can make your own educated choice. Silk Pure Coconut also contains Gum products in lieu of carrageenan. Walmart sells all three.

Purchased $50 GE juicer and $6 Better Homes 60-oz rectangular canister that just fits under and locks to the juicer spout. Both items are found at Walmart.

Mean Green Juice Drink = 4 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber (peel off skin), 1 ginger root (1-inch), 1/2 lemon (skin cut off), 2 green apples, 6 kale stalks.

My results that keep me motivated (age-66):
I seldom feel hungry and almondsand glass of water fixes those rare ocassions.
More restful sleep, awaken in the morning refreshed
Can now work multiple 12 hour days with no muscle pain the next morning
Have lost all my cravings for sweet foods and bread (still want them but don't crave them)
Have renewed energy levels.
Sore neck muscles (3-months old) gone.
Night sweats gone.
Estacian tubes now pop when I yawn.
Feet no longer hurt when out of bed after dancing previous night.
Right knee used to feel funny while working on a ladder, that is now gone.
Used to wake up during the night to urinate, now I sleep all night.
My allergy type slight nose run is gone.
I lost 38-pounds and 2-1/2-inches in my waist in 60 days.
I now see food in a different light and remain in control of choices.
Blood triglycerides 2010=146, now=96
Blood glucose 2010=95, now=84
Urine specific gravity = 1.021 (fully hydrated)
Urine pH 2011= 6.1 (acid), now=8.0(alkaline)

Juice fast Detox Regimine Inspired by "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" documentary on Netflix. Although not sick, I felt that I could feel much better. I completed a 14-day juice fast, and then tried one meal/day for a week and went back to mostly juice fasting. With one meal/day my level of feeling good decreased and my cravings returned. I will eat whole food on social ocassions but not on a regular basis. I have now returned back to at least one meal per day and the cravings are much more severe than when on the juice fast.

For my fast I juiced the following items for about 40-oz of juice and drank four 10-oz glasses per day. This is not rocket science so if you get a different yield of juice, then adjust accordingly.

1 lemon
2 large cucumbers
7stalks Kale
4 radishes with stalks
9 carrot sticks
2 ea 2-1/4" small tomatoes
8 celery stalks
2-inches of ginger root
1 green apple - dropped after day-10
1 small pack of stevia - dropped after day-3
1/4 large green pepper - added after day-10
1/4 large yellow pepper - added after day-10

I now use the recipe shown to the left and/or the Lean Green drink linked above. I have decided that the extra clean-up time is worth the benefit of those enzymes that disappear in a matter of minutes. I now make 20-oz servings once or twice per day.