Pacific Seacraft 31 Mariah Model

This is what Pollyvon should look like, big enough to live onboard for extended bluewater cruises
yet small enough to be handled safely by one or two people in heavy weather.

This interior plan sucks and will be changed with galley aft of v-berth and head near companionway. This will gain access to the wasted storage area under the cockpit
and place the gas propane bottles at the front of the cabin and out on the deck with remote shut-off valve. It will aford easy access to the head by the watch stander without
passing thru the entire boat while wet. It will also allow the watchstander to go below deck for a few minutes to warm up and rest on a small sea settee at the companionway.

Will have to relocate the waste holding tank for the head. Will also add a sea-berth above a settee for the person off watch and will add a fixed dining table that folds out into a
larger table. Will also move the stove to face fore and aft for cook safety reasons. The boat designers foolishly place the stove awthwartship and when the boat takes that ocassional
hard wave knock on the hull side during a beam reach, the hot food flies right out of the pot and onto the cook, and this is not a good thing. The cabin headroom is 6-ft-5-inches.

Trailer for hauling the 40-foot mast. The mast will extend to the front bumper of the car.

A/C unit above center cabin hatch and the hatch cover is that peaked skylight behind the A/C unit. Nice deep toerail that the life-line
stantions attach to. This setup is easy to add a shoulder height safety line along with the life-lines. This is a cutter rig with two forward
sails (staysails). That boom on the cabin roof is used as a boom on the inner staysail in case you need to make many tacks (place the
wind on opposite sides of the boat) such as going going up river in heavy weather. The fore staysail is doused and the inner staysail is
attached to this boom and swings for tacks just like the main sail and requires no deck hand to retrim the staysail sheets each time you tack.

Viewed from Pier, life lines stowed on forward cabin hatch. That steering wheel will probably be replaced with a tiller.


Anchor Windless and roller furlers on BowSprint.


Galley viewed from forward end of main cabin while looking aft, what a mess


Looking into V-berth at bow from forward end of main cabin


Main Cabin Starboard Side looking towards Starboard Bow


Facing Port side at Companionway (Galley)


Chart Table far right and down in this picture


Another view of BowSprint which needs replacing