Who Are We ... and Why Do You Care?

TruckTroubles dot Com is here to help you survive your truck troubles. We promise not to razzle dazzle you with cluttered screens and endless clicks which get you confused. Instead, we will HELP you. We offer driver knowledge, internet survival, truck knowledge, and electrical repairs to help you blast away many troubles. We will be here when you need us. If you are interested about the flag, it says a lot about this site and all the truckers that we support.

We make a distinction here between information and knowledge. Information may or may not have value. The only way to determine if information has value, is to slowly sift through it and examine it for value. Here at Truck Troubles dot Com, we publish knowledge from information that we have already sifted through for accuracy and knowledge value. Don't waste your time reinventing the wheel. Use our knowledge topics and our resources to easily find what you need.

The basic theme of our website is your mamma dont work here! Your mamma is not around to take care of you and to wipe your butt for you. If you don't make it happen, its just not going to happen. Most successful truckers already operate under this premise, whether they realize it or not. We dont do any whinning around here; we just get the job done and make it happen. When you have a truck problem, you must take charge and get it resolved yourself!

You could be an owner/operator or a company driver, when trouble strikes. You can waste your valuable time waiting for local service, or you can take the bull by the horns and troubleshoot the problem down to a faulty component yourself. In all cases, determining the exact nature of the problem will help you decide what action that you should take next.

You may be able to fix the problem yourself, you may be able to make a temporary fix until you get back at your home-base area of service, or you may have to get the problem fixed right now alongside the road.

We will not overload you with endless ads, which look like sifting sands and have about the same value. Here at TruckTroubles dot Com, each page is devoted to helping you the trucker find what you need. When you need a product, our ads will be cataloged by what you want, and a few clicks will get you to those ads when you need them. You already have a problem and we fully intend to make it easy for you to resolve that problem. Our ads will remain focused upon your needs.

America works because of dedicated hard working people like yourself. It doesn't work because of get-rich-quick con artists who push a lot of hype but produce little of value. We will remain dedicated to this business, like yourself, and bring you quality information and valuable resources that you will want to use and that you will want to pass on to others.

Good luck in your trucking career.


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