This driver knowledge section provides driving skills and truck system driver knowledge that all good truckers should know. During the spring of year 2001, this site is new, and some of the below listed topics are not underlined and will be completed soon. When a topic refers to additional information in a truck system, a clickable link will take you there for that expanded information. If you would like to see a new topic added, contact webRider and let him know what addition you recommend.

Driving Skills Topics: (also see Extended Truck Life)

  • Backing Trailer Rigs - accidents, steering, pre-position, parking
  • Clutching - proper operation, theory of what goes wrong
  • Dashboard & Gauges - what & why
  • Double & Triple Trailers - coupling, loading, handling
  • Driver Log Books - how to use the log book properly
  • Hookup Trailers - alignment, connections, dropping trailer
  • Mountain and Grade Transits - things to consider
  • Load Handling - responsibilities, platforms, securing, stacking, loading
  • Road Skills - turning big rigs, bobtailing, vehicle shutdown
  • Shifting Gears - when, how, and why
  • Truck Crash Profiles for 1998 - very interesting figures & facts at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website
  • Weight Management - legal limits, 5th wheel slider, trailer slider

Truck Systems Driver Knowledge Topic:

  • Air Brakes - major components and proper use, troubleshooting
  • Auxiliary Brakes - jake brakes and other types
  • Batteries & Jump Starts - battery maintenance and testing
  • Drivetrain - major components, trouble symptoms
  • Engine Cooling System - major components, trouble symptoms
  • Electrical Alternator - trouble symptoms
  • Electrical Lighting - trouble symptoms
  • Electrical Starters - major components, trouble symptoms
  • Parallel Battery Switch - theory of operation & troubleshooting
  • Tires & Wheels - tire labeling, wheel types, wheel tightening
  • Trailer Types - design, purpose
  • Transmissions - shift patterns and types

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