Your Truck Emergency Tool Kit

As you travel those crisscrossing highways and byways, you are going to run into problems sooner or later. Will you be prepared with the basic tools on-hand, or will you just be another stranded trucker, ground to a halt because you don't have the simplest of tools? Of course these tools wont enable you to change the crankshaft in your engine, nor will they enable you to replace your brake shoes. But they will help you overcome those typical problems that truckers run into on a daily basis.

This article has two purposes. First we want to convince you that having these basic tools can help keep you out of harm's way. And secondly, we want to give you a list of preferred tools which will meet most if not all of your problem needs. If you are already convinced that you should carry basic tools, click tools listing to move on. If you're not convinced then you had better keep on reading.

When you are broke down along the highway (especially at night) you place your self at great risk. It doesn't matter if you are an owner/operator or a company driver. Just stop and think for a minute ... can you even imagine being killed at night just because you didn't have an operating flashlight with you?

You don't need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on tools. Besides, you wouldn't have any place to store them anyway. Instead go out and spend about enough to get these basic tools which will enable you to remedy many typical road side problems and irritations.

Your Trucker Emergency Tools Listing

The following tools have been carefully selected to be most flexible in time of need. You need not buy top of the line tools, especially if you tend to loose things. Of course, don't go out and by those pot-metal tools from china at the local dollar store either. Use common sense and collect your tools by watching for good sales. We wouldn't recommend a tool box either. They require to much room and are hard to store. Find yourself a leather or burlap pouch to keep your tools in.

Just click on the underlined description below for a picture of the less common items.

Flashlight, 2 each. Flashlights vary in price from 2-bucks to 40-bucks so shop wisely.
Roll of duct tape, you just never know what it can be used for
Roll of electrical tape, obvious uses
Spare light bulbs for trailer
Fuel filter wrench

Pair of vicegrips, 4 to 5 inches in length
Pair of Pliers, about 4 to 5 inches in length
Pair of side cutter pliers, about 3 to 4 inches in length
Pair of needle nose pliers, about 3 to 4-inches in length
Crescent Wrench, 8 to 10 inch handle length (crescent-hammer)
(10 inch makes a better emergency hammer! <grin>)
Pocket knife, medium size
12V DC Test light, looks like a screwdriver with bulb in handle
Large flat bladed screwdriver, tip about 5/16 inch wide
(also know as screw-chisel when used with the crescent-hammer)
Medium flat bladed screwdriver, tip about 3/16 inch wide
Small flat bladed screwdriver, tip about 1/8 inch wide
Phillips screwdriver, shank about 1/8 inch diameter
Phillips screwdriver, shank about 1/4 inch diameter
Allen wrench set (US)
Allen wrench set (metric)
Batt & Alternator Tester, Radio Shack #22-112 (just $5.95)

Take care of these tools and they could very well get you safely through an emergency !

Some optional tools would include:

  • Torx driver set
  • Small 1/4 inch drive socket set including standard & metric sockets
  • Medium size crow bar. The crow bar can also be bounced on tires to check tire pressure.
  • Digital multimeter, if you plan to do electrical troubleshooting. One of those $30 - $60 units at Radio Shack will do just fine.

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