Your Safety Is In Your Hands

Safety plays a role in supporting your family who depend upon you. Keeping safety on your mind can save you time, money, and injury. Just a temporary lapse in good judgement can cost your dearly in many ways. Imagine being unable to work because of a stupid and careless accident. Imagine damaging your rig with a moment of not planning ahead. Imagine loosing all that you have worked so hard for, because you can no longer work!

Your most important safety procedures are the ones which become a part of your subconscious behavior. These safety behaviors are learned by reinforcing them each day. We are going to break the safety rules into three groups. On-duty safety, Off-duty safety, and Maintenance safety. Let us start with On-duty safety:

On-duty Safety Considerations

Never drive while you are fatigued or sick.
Never drive in severe weather which limits visibility

Dont remain in a boxed-in situation
Dont expect the other driver to do the expected
Never stop at roadside unless broken down
Dont back up without getting out and looking
Dont operate with troubles except to get off roadside
Dont move your rig with kids present

Still Under Construction

Off-duty Safety Considerations

Maintenance Safety Considerations

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