Retired Trucker or Truck Mechanic?

We don't know if its true, but we have heard that some of you truckers have actually retired. We have also heard that some of you are just a bit restless. So this is your opportunity to remain connected with trucking without having to grind out those road miles or not crawling under those trucks. You can also qualify for RoadMaster status and receive nationwide recognition from fellow truckers.

Because you are retired, you have probably had many trouble experiences during your career. Why not share those experiences with new drivers who still have a lot to learn? Your knowledge could help to make the roads safer. Your tips and experiences could help a fellow trucker get by, and continue to feed his family. The stakes here are really quite high. And you have the know how to make a difference.

Please take a little time and jot down you experiences so we can share them with other fellow truckers. You will be doing something useful and you will be doing something which can help truckers who are just trying to do an honest days work for a living.

If you want to do a cassette tape recording, then that is alright too. We will transcribe your tape if we feel it would have value to others here.

If you want to contribute, donít worry about spelling or sentence grammer. We really want your experiences to be shared with other truckers, and we will fix those spelling and grammer errors before posting you trouble. Keep involved in your trucking industry.

You can send us regular mail, if you donít want to fuss with the Internet and E-mail. Just address your letters to TruckTroubles dot Com, P.O. Box 4728, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-4728. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Do you have what it takes to stay at the top of our RoadMaster Listing?

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