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Collectively, all you drivers and truck mechanics out there know everything there is to know about trucking. Skip the bull, I want to submit my trouble now! Each of you has had different experiences and many of you have had common experiences.

The whole purpose of this website is to share truck trouble experiences, so that each truck driver, owner-operator, and truck mechanic will benefit from the experience of others. You now have the option of coming here to find the best solution for your problem, without going through that costly trial and error phase.

We feel that your experience has value, and we want you to receive recognition for sharing those experiences. You can become a RoadMaster here at TruckTroubles dot Com by simply submitting an experience that we post here for others to use. You will be doing your fellow trucker a favor, and you will gain recognition with your peers and family by having your name listed here on the Internet. How many other places on the Internet, have your name posted with recognition, for all the world to see?
Go see our current RoadMaster Listing.

Your trouble could have happened several years ago, but it is still valid. Your knowledge could help to make the roads safer. Your tips and experiences could help a fellow trucker or mechanic get by, and continue to feed his family. The stakes here are really quite high. And you have the know how to make a difference. If you have valuable experience that you want to share, then this is the place to do it.

No English Scholars Please!

We donít care if you have misspelled words or bad grammer, we just want to hear about your experience and your solution. This is not an English class, webRider and magicMitch will fix those spelling and grammer mistakes (fat chance but we do have editors) and validate the technical issues you present. We just want your experiences to be shared with fellow truckers here at TruckTroubles dot Com.

Why not share something that can help another trucker? Who knows, someday soon, you could be that "other trucker" and use a solution someone else provided here at this website. So give a little and take a lot here at TruckTroubles dot Com.

You can use your real name, or a handle which you go by. We will list your home base if you provide it. You will get a star beside your name for each additional trouble that we use. You have heard of five start restaurants, why not become a five star RoadMaster?

Do you have what it takes to reach the top of our RoadMaster Listing?

The listing will be ordered with the RoadMasters with the most stars at the top of the list, followed by the newest trouble entries, on down to the oldest trouble entrys. This will give each person a shot at being at the top of the listing by submitting the most and latest troubles to our posting.

We are looking for three types of troubles. Driver troubles, which you have experienced and have found a solution for. For example, you may have found a way to get better loads out of dispatchers. Or maybe you have used a story that a trooper bought and let you go. Maybe you have a tip about survival at truckstops. Maybe you have found the best way to communicate with your family while on the road. Maybe you have a tip about backing into a pit loading dock. These are the driver tips and experiences we are looking for.

Another form of troubles, are truck driver maintenance or repair. You may have found a better way to handle some routine maintenance issue, or you may have a quick fix for roadside repairs. You may know how to identify a problem by certain symptoms.

The third type of trouble we are looking for is the experience of truck mechanics. You may have seen some strange and misleading troubles, which wrapped you around the axle for a while, before you finally figured it out. These are the pearls that we want to pass on to other truckers and other truck mechanics, and you can gain recognition along the way. Remember to visit here when you have an unusual problem to see if we have the solution posted.

Submit your RoadMaster Experience.

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