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TruckTroubles dot Com frequently communicates with customers, users and others through its site on the World Wide Web. Visitors to our Web site are not required to reveal any information about themselves. However, in some instances, our Web site may give visitors the opportunity to provide information in order to facilitate future communications, make a purchase of products, or receive additional information and materials. This policy sets forth the practices that TruckTroubles dot Com intends to follow with respect to such personal information.

When will TruckTroubles dot Com collect information from me?

Our Web site does not automatically collect information about visitors. To the extent that TruckTroubles dot Com seeks information from you, you will be prompted to provide that information; you will be told what use TruckTroubles dot Com plans to make of the information; and you will be given the opportunity to decline to provide that information.

What uses does TruckTroubles dot Com make of this information?

The sole use
TruckTroubles dot Com will make of any information you provide will be to facilitate future communications with you, assist you in making a purchase of our products, or respond to your request for information and materials. TruckTroubles dot Com will not provide your information to any third party. Under certain circumstances, your information will be forwarded to TruckTroubles dot Com authorized sales representatives and distributors for action.

What if I change my mind?

If at any time you wish to have TruckTroubles dot Com remove your information from its database, please so notify us at Similarly, if you need to update or expand upon any other information you have provided to us, you can re-enter that information at the relevant prompt, or notify us by e-mail of this additional information.

What does TruckTroubles dot Com do to protect the information I provide?

TruckTroubles dot Com provides three levels of protection. First, access to the servers that store your information is limited to those employees with a need to know the information. Second, the TruckTroubles dot Com web servers use commercially-available security measures to prevent unauthorized access. Finally, when you purchase products through our Web site, TruckTroubles dot Com will take reasonable steps to establish a secure connection to your Web browser. TruckTroubles dot Com does not use credit card information for any purpose other than to process payment for sales, and does not provide your credit card information to anyone else.

TruckTroubles dot Com is committed to the responsible use of the World Wide Web. TruckTroubles dot Com reserves the right to change or amend this policy from time to time, but will post any such changes on this site.

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