Who is Magic Mitch? Skip the bull, go straight to the monthly topic. Well, I am a man with 25 years of making mostly mechanical things dance to my own music. Yes, I am a seasoned truck mechanic, (which means I have little feeling left in my knuckles) and I am also a seasoned driver with current CDL (which means lots of experience with Joe Public on the road <mostly bad experience>, endless arguments with dispatchers and others who owe me money, and I still have most of what I was born with, which is nothing). I have the unique experience of decades on both sides of that engine firewall. My extensive experience as both driver and mechanic should prove valuable in helping you fault isolate your truck troubles.

I am here to help you troubleshoot and fix trucks and trailers. I have compiled (fancy word for head-stuffed) decades of knowledge while attending the school of hard knocks. You have probably already seen my diploma, it is that white parchment paper rolled up right there next to the toilet. I continue to stay current with the new computerized diesel engines, but I have been forced to change my mechanical dance steps along the way.

Who knows, ... I just might know something you need to know, and then again, you could possibly tell me a thing or two yourself. All you truck mechanics out there have valuable troubleshooting experience that you could share with us. And we will definately share our unique troubleshooting experiences with you. You're runnin with the big dogs here at TruckTroubles dot Com, not some fancy pants college graduate types with all theory and no results! You did see my mailbox up there at the top, right? It has some of that astro-turf around it to survive the winter salt spray. Click on it and tell me something to make this website a better place. It'll make you feel, well ...., more interactive! And we both could very well learn something new.

Let me tell you one more thing right up front. I fix trucks much better than I type or spell. You see, the editors fix my spelling and grammar on this website, but my e-mail response to you will definitely be that diamond in the rough that you have heard about!

This Month's Topic
(I thought you put topics on your hair, well, maybe
on second thought ... that was called tonic)

Have you ever tried to find a short in your truck's wiring? Not much fun is it. How many fuses did you go through? Well, here is a quick and easy way to save a lot of fuses and a lot of cursing (I don't know why, it just slips out ... ) while finding that short! It has been my experience that most mechanics know at least one female dog with a son. In fact, many mechanics seem to know several female dogs with lots of sons.

The next time you have a short on your truck lighting circuits which keeps blowing fuses, remember this head-stuffin, and use this technique to stop wasting fuses until you find the problem. Only use this technique on low voltage circuits on vehicles (12VDC). Do NOT attempt this procedure on dangerous household circuits. You dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why, just don't try it at home.

Use your test light which is listed in our tools section, as your test indicator. Wedge the pointy end of the test light into the fuse holder electrical contact on one side, (you may have to prop up the handle end) and connect the alligator clip of the test light to the other side of the fuse holder electrical connector (with the fuse removed, of course). Make sure not to short out the fuse holder with the alligator clip, and don't let anything metalic touch the fuse contacts and the vehicle chassis ground at the same time.

Now the bulb on the test lamp will remain lighted until you disconnect the short in the circuit. When the bulb goes out, you have found the short.

Happy Motoring! <yeah, then you woke up!>

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