Extending Truck Life

Attention to extending your truck's life, has two advantages. Not only does the truck last longer, but your road side breakdowns can also be reduced. The service life of your rig is directly affected by how you drive your truck and how well you attend to your truck's lubrication needs. Lube time is also a great time to look over your rig, to see if you notice something that will become a problem in the near future.

Truck Handling Knowledge & Tips

Lubrication Knowledge & Tips

  • Which Engine Oil? - what the specs mean
  • Engine Coolant - why test & when to replace
  • Engine Crankcase - oil change & oil filter change
  • Front Wheel Bearing grease - repack, how, when
  • Power Steering Fluid - check and top off
  • Cab Tilt Hydraulic - check & top off
  • Transmission and Differential gear oil - what to use and why
  • Driveline Universal Joints - grease & check
  • Clutch Linkage - grease, check, adjust
  • Steering linkage - grease & check
  • Suspension & Spring Shackles - grease & check
  • Fifth Wheel - grease & check
  • Brake Camshafts - grease & check
  • Brake Slack Adjusters - grease & check

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