Internet Survival – Break those chains, get with the program.

The purpose of this section is to provide the new internet user with some of the basics which are needed to make the internet work for you. Some of the Windows 95/98 big picture issues are also covered. When you have a question which is not addresed, click on our trucker message board above and submit your question.

During the spring of year 2001, this site is new, and some of the below listed course topics are still under construction. If the bold topic name is not underlined, then that topic is still under construction and will be available soon.

ISP stuff – What is it & why do I need it?
Browser Smouser – Whats a browser, client, & server?
Desktops Rule – Getting windows connected to the Internet
Make it happen – Internet connections gone wrong
URLs in paradise – Definition of a URL
Clicking the night away – Browser features for you
Lack of speed Kills – Use faster website address numbers
Show-me-the-address – How to get a website address
I’ll take you there – Techno-Weenie search engines
Get connected – What is e-Mail?
Check’s in the mail – Using e-Mail concepts
Mail fight – In this ring, "browser mail" vs "pop mail"
Don’t have a COW – Free e-Mail choices, the milks for free
POP goes the weasel – Setting up your POP mail client
Web your Mail – Using those browser mail services

EasyStreet – OK hotshot, now do it the easy way.

Search Smarter - Copernic searches dominate
WebSchoolHouse - Pay-for-training on the Internet.

Computer Stuff – Things you don’t know can hurt you.

Windows Computer Overview - how things work together
Its aLive!
– What’s jumpin on the screen while starting up
Its Broke! – Fault isolate using your eyes & ears for clues
Dirty Windows – When things go wrong in Windows95/98
Top Of Your World – What’s a window’s desktop?
Modem stuff – What is it & why do you need it?
Fungus among us – What are viruses & why do you care
Can’t Stop! – Windows wont shut down again ….!

If you have a question about windows computers or the Internet which is not described here, contact webRider by clicking on the mailbox below.

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