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Trucking Industry Editorials
If you are in the trucking industry and plan to become (or remain) successful, then you should read these soap box editorials.

Are You a RoadMaster?
Collectively, all you drivers and mechanics out there know everything there is to know about trucking. If you want to become an official RoadMaster here at TruckTroubles, then click here to submit your experience for others to share.

Books, Tools & Training
How many times have you needed a book for your truck repairs, and didn't know where to find one? Today's truck maintenance requires reference books, special tools and special training. Our books-tools-training section will take you to those resources that you are seeking.

Retired Trucker?
We don't know if its true, but we have heard that some of you truckers have actually retired. We have also heard that some of you are just a bit restless. If so, and you want to help make Truck Troubles dot Com better, just e-mail us at .

Get Yourself Published Here
We are always looking for good editorials which concern trucker and mechanic needs and concerns. Attach your soap box article to an e-mail to us, and we will consider it for publication. We know you have something to say! Just say it in a plain text file, or in a Microsoft Word file.

If you have ever tried to find specific trucking information on the internet, you know how difficult that can be. Here at our trucker-mall, we plan to make it easy for you to find those products and services that you need.

Internet Survival Help
OK, OK, so your not an internet whiz! You are roadkill on that information highway, right? Well now you can change all that with our internet survival knowledge base.

Affiliates Program
Our affiliates program is currently under construction, and we expect it to be operational real soon.

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This site is ONLY for heavy duty highway rigs. If you have an SUV, medium or light duty truck, or pickup, please take your questions to some other website which can support you. This site is not where you want to be. If you find a good website for light duty trucks, let us know and we will post it here for others to access.

Free e-mail for you and your family
Set up two e-mail accounts. One account for yourself and a second account for your family. This will make it easy to for you to communicate while on the road. Because this website is fairly new, e-mail names are wide open here. Pick you real name or an easy to use e-mail name.

Truck Service Dealerships
We are not in competition with you. Our website is designed to help identify the problem and to get the rig to a qualified dealership when the repairs exceed the driver's skills. Advertise here and increase your customer base.

Safety Habits and You
Working safe is your first responsibility to both yourself and your family. Follow these safety rules and increase the odds that you will remain successful, employed, and alive!

Be a truly Independent trucker!
Use our tools list to build your own low cost tool kit which will have those essential tools you need to survive those road troubles when they come your way. Your money will be well spent!

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