Our (Your) Flag

Our flag is a symbol of the American ingenuity and American work ethic demonstrated by truck drivers each and every day. Without you truck drivers, America would not work. The flag continues to wave, just as the truck driver continues to move America's commerce, in spite of all the obstacles you face each day. This flag symbolizes the nonstop motion of supplies delivered by truckers.

This flag also stands as a monument of respect for all veterans, who have made supreme and not so supreme sacrifices that we may all have the freedom that we enjoy today. Although many of them have fallen, this flag continues to fly in tribute to them.

Last but not least (of no significance compared to the above reasons), our flag stands to represent that this TruckTroubles dot Com website plans to be around for a long time. We are not one of those get rich quick scams. We will keep our pages filled with the information that you need. When you want an ad, our ads will be cataloged by what you want, and a few clicks will easily get you to those products and services when you need them.

I think I got a ways off from the flag explanation, but it all ties together. America works because of dedicated working people like yourself. It DOESN'T work because of get-rich-quick con artists. We will remain dedicated to this business, like yourself, and bring you quality information that you will want to use and will want to pass on to others.

Good luck in your trucking career.

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