Self-paced Electrical Repair Course

If you want to learn truck electrical repairs, then this is the place. We have developed a completely FREE Self Paced Electrical Repair Course which you can study right here on the Internet. We will provide the required electrical theory that you need to become an effective truck electrical troubleshooter. This course will NOT bog you down with fancy dancy theory which you don't need. If this course covers theory, then you had better pay attention because it will help you resolve electrical problems later.

Increase your value to your employer, and take pride in your ability to understand and fix those electrical problems that keep other mechanics baffled.

During the spring of year 2001, this site is new, and some of the below listed course topics are still under construction. If the bold topic name is not underlined, then that topic is still under construction and will be available soon.

  • *Preliminary Electrical Checks - required topic, a large majority of electrical problems can be found with these simple checks.
  • *Basic Electricity-1 - required topic, electric charges and atoms, conductors, insulators, stored energy, conventional current & electron current, electrical work (power), electrical symbols & Ohm's Law, simple series circuit.
  • *Basic Electricity-2 - required topic, resistance voltage drop, Kirchoff's Law, power losses, battery resistance, battery charging, high resistance effects, parallel circuits
  • *Electricity & Magnets - required topic, permanent magnet theory, electromagnet theory, electric relay theory, electromagnetic forces, electric meter theory, solenoid theory, motor theory
  • *Electrical Safety - required topic, high current burns, eye protection, broken glass, battery acid, hot motors & light bulbs
  • *Using Meters - required topic, how to buy meters, use meters with success, and prevent meter damage
  • *Circuit Symbols - required topic, typical symbols on truck electrical diagrams
  • *Basic Troubleshooting - required topic, finding shorts, opens
  • *High Resistance Problems - required topic, what are the symptoms, how to find it
  • Oxidized Connectors - sometimes you can see it, sometimes you can't
  • Fuses & Fusible Links - where used, testing, common problems
  • Relays - theory, types, testing, common problems
  • Solenoids - theory, types, testing, common problems
  • Batteries - theory, types, testing, common problems
  • DC Motors - theory, testing, common problems
  • Starters - types, testing, common problems
  • Emergency Jump Starting Heavy Trucks - methods & precautions
  • Switches & Sending Units - theory, testing, common problems
  • Electric Gauges - theory, testing, common problems
  • Tractor Lights - headlights, tail lights, stop lights, clearance lights, trailer pigtail, common problems
  • Trailer Electrical - tail lights, stop lights, clearance lights, accessories, common problems
  • AC Electricity - generating AC electricity, alternator theory
  • Alternators - requires AC Electricity prerequisite, testing, common problems
  • Electronic Fuel Systems - components, testing, common problems
  • Tractor Anti-lock Air Brakes - theory, components, common problems
  • Trailer Anti-lock Air Brakes - theory, components, common problems
  • Air Conditioning Controls - theory, components, common problems
  • Electric Retarder (auxiliary brake system) - theory, types, common problems

If you would like to see a new topic added, contact webRider and let him know what addition you recommend.

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