Soap Box Editorials About Trucking

These editorials address issues important to you truckers. In the olden days, speakers would get up on wooden boxes so that they could be seen by the crowd. The term getting on the soap box became popular for expressing ones belief to other people.You may find the below listed editotials of interest:

Driver Fatigue is not due to Driving Hours - Our government is trying to reduce driving hours to reduce driver fatigue and improve safety on the highway. This editorial points out a much better solution; force truck loading docks to operate from 8PM thru 4AM. This simple approach will reduce driver fatigue, reduce rush hour congestion, reduce emissions, and reduce America's dependence upon foreign oil.

Trucking, the Internet and You - This editorial speaks to the impact that the internet will have as trucking and trucks become more complicated. This editorial demonstrates how the Internet and trucking today is about the same as the Internet and Corporate America were six years ago. And we all know what impact the Internet has on Corporate America today.

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We are always looking for good editorials which concern trucker needs and concerns. With today's whirlwind trucking advancements, there is always something to recommend or condemn. This is your opportunity to let others in on your beliefs, or the information that you may have. Attach your soap box article to an e-mail to us, and we will consider it for publication. We know you have something to say! Just say it in a plain text file, or in a Microsoft Word file.

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