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We are in the Internet business. We eat, sleep, and breathe the Internet. The preferred and speediest way to contact us is via the e-mail addresses listed below. E-mail contacts are easier and quicker for both yourself and for us.

Advertising, TruckT Mall questions to
TruckTroubles questions to
All other e-mail to

U.S. Postal mail (snail-mail) can be sent to:

TruckTroubles dot Com
P.O. Box 4728
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-4728

Administrative and sales calls can be placed at 856-874-0160. Our secretarial staff can not answer questions about truck troubles. Our fax number is the same, 856-874-0160.

Use this website for all inquiries about truck troubles. Sorry for any inconvenience, but E-mail and U.S.-mail are the only contact mediums for answers to truck trouble questions. You don't need an E-mail client, because our site supports E-mail messages using your browser. Try it, you'll like it, and you wont get one of those stupid machines telling you to push touch tone menus.

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We incorporated in 1991 when communications technology was just taking off, and provided computer communications peripheral design through 1995. In 1996, we focused on Internet access, and have been providing internet services and website development ever since. We are located in Cherry Hill, NJ which is about 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia, PA. TruckTroubles dot Com is owned and operated by Access Solutions Corp.

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