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The material contained on TruckTroubles dot Com is offered as informational tools only and not as practice, financial, accounting, legal or other professional advice. Safety should always be your primary consideration while trying to resolve a problem.

Users need to use their own judgement, or consult their own professional advisors for such advice. Information on TruckTroubles dot Com is provided as reference tools for Users making their personal decisions regarding the resolution of problems they may be experiencing.

TruckTroubles dot Com cannot substitute for the individual judgment brought to each situation by the careful consideration of all aspects of the problem from a local perspective. It is your obligation to use our information tools within your range of understanding and within your range of ability and skills.

This notice is not to represent that our information tools are incomplete or lacking in accuracy. Our information tools could possibly contain errors that we are not aware of, but we go to great lengths to prevent and/or reduce these errors. This notice is simply to advise you that Truck Troubles dot Com can not and will not incurr any liability for costs or damages arising out of your personal choices, your personal actions, and your personal decisions with respect to utilization of our information tools.

We believe that you will find useful information tools here, which will be of great value to you. Good luck with your trucking career and any problems which may come your way.

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