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Because you had to click to get here, there is a good possiblity that our web page text print size is either too big or too small on your web browser. This page has extra large print so you can read it if you have problems.

The two most popular browsers out there are Internet Explorer and Netscape. Both of these browsers allow you to change the text size for that browser. The graphics print (and buttons) will not be affected by the browser text size choice, however standard text such as this text you are reading, does change. If you are using another browser, consult that browser help for procedures.

TruckTroubles website has been designed for use with VGA or SuperVGA (SVGA) computer display screens. We purposefully made the print as small as possible to get as much as possible on the screen for our VGA users. SVGA users (and above) may find our text a tad too small for easy viewing. Then of course, if someone (surely not youself ...) was mucking around with the browser options, the browser may be displaying our website with abnormal text size, which you can easily change with the below steps.

Adjust browser text size in Internet Explorer

This is really quite simple. On the top menu bar, with IE V4.X you will find "VIEW" > "FONTS" > "largest / larger / medium / smaller / smallest". With IE V5.X; you will find "VIEW" > "TEXT SIZE" > "largest / larger / medium / smaller / smallest". The ">" means that first you click on the first item, then you click on one of the items in the new dropdown list. As soon as you click one of the text size choices, the text size will change accordingly. The normal text size is medium.

Adjust browser text size in Netscape

Adjustments for Netscape are a little harder to set back to default size. On the top menu bar, you will find "VIEW" > "increase font / decrease font". The ">" means that first you click on VIEW and then you click on your choice from the drop down list (either increase font or decrease font). As soon as you click one of the listed choices, the text size will change accordingly. Since there is no "medium" choice, you will have to muck around with it to get the medium text setting.

When this = TEXTREF, then you have the medium setting. Remember, this page purposefully has larger print to help you get the print adjusted when it is to small.

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