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You have often heard the old saying "knowledge has value"! Well, here at Truck Troubles, we can prove that it is true. All of you possibly know someone who provides products or a service to truckers. If you get them to purchase advertising or join TruckT-Mall, here at TruckTroubles dot Com, we will give you 50-bucks, no questions asked. See registration details and start earning 50-bucks today.

If you have ever tried to find trucking info on the internet, you know how difficult that can be. Here at our TruckT Mall , we make it easy for truckers to find those products and services that they need. We offer both one page storefronts, and full blown website locations here at TruckT-Mall. If a business doesnít want the expense or responsibility of a webpage, then we offer reasonable ad space here at TruckTroubles dot Com.

You can make 50-bucks over and over. Each time you make it happen, you get another 50-bucks. This is not a one-time event. If you later convince your customer to upgrade their ad, POW another 50-bucks for you. We donít want you to be a nuisance, but if you know someone, why not help them and yourself. They will acquire good advertising, and you become 50-bucks richer.

Click here if you want the details about our ads, rates, options,and our TruckT Mall, or have the person you know, visit our website and check it out personally.

Very shortly we will have an auto recommend button, where you can click once, enter their e-mail address and your personal comments, and the advertising information will be automatically forwarded to their e-mail address for you. We try to keep it simple here at TruckTroubles dot Com.

When you comply with the following requirements, then your check for 50-bucks will be on its way.

Meet the following requirements to receive your 50-bucks:

  1. The 50-bucks plan does not apply to special discounts & rebate offers
  2. Click here and register yourself for payment. Your personal information will not be sold (our privacy statement)
  3. Convince the party to place an ad or webpage with us
  4. They place the ad or webpage, referencing your name.
  5. When the ad is paid in full, your 50-bucks hits the mail and lands in your pocket.

Thatís it, comply with the above rules, and riches can be yours in 50-buck increments. Good Luck!

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