Sewage System Installation -
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Mound After Raking

Sewer Pipe Between Septic Tank and Mound is now Covered

Mound Covered but Not Raked

Mound Partially Covered

Paper Cover to Keep Sand Out

50 Foot Septic Tank Drain Pipe Back to Drainfield

Drainfield Chambers Awaiting Inspection Before Being Covered With Sand

Distribution Piping From Septic Tank to Drainfield

End of Drainfield Chambers

Drainfield Chambers Looking Towards Future House

Septic Tank Finally Placed Into Ground

Lots of Sand for Drainfield Mound

Drainfield with tractor at rear corner

Septic tank hole looking away from house towards drain field

Drain field clearing nestled back into the woods (future mound area)

Looking from drain field towards house and septic tank

Behind house looking across septic tank towards work garage

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